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10 / 11 / 08 -

I uploaded a new program, GTA:SA Save Game Tool. It is a simple program to assist hacking a couple parts of a Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas save file. I've also released a few more versions of Tray Launcher with being the most recent.

9 / 18 / 08 -

Tray Launcher has been released. It is a tray icon with a customizeble menu system for launching programs or whatever you desire. It was an idea that was originally thought of as to how the Doom Engine Launcher could be improved but it has far surpassed that program I believe. I also updated the website somewhat.

Tray Launcher Beta Build

8 / 30 / 08 -

I noticed that Multi-Player was having some issues with RAM usage and behavior related to that. I just uploaded which greatly improves the situation with these problems.

8 / 29 / 08 -

I've gone through some sort of eerie revelation or horrific insanity in the days prior. Anyway, I just finished the latest and best version of Multi-Player yet. Version is now available for download.

Multi-Player screenshot

4 / 29 / 08 -

4 / 12 / 08 -

3 / 28 / 08 -

Q4DM4_V3 is out now. It has the few critical changes that I feel makes it better than the beta. Hopefully I did not forget anything. This is the picture I decided to go with.

3 / 27 / 08 -

This is the new home of my website: I hope that this will finally be a somewhat permanent address. For the time being though, I'm keeping the website prior to this ( ) active as an archive and an online mirror in case something happens with the hosting situation.

3 / 21 / 08 -

Click Here for the v0.5 release of Q4 Tool. This version has most of the statistics summarizer functionality complete. I decided to release it because I might not work on this program for a while.

3 / 15 / 08 -

Click Here for a sample HTML page generated by my program with the statistic summarizer 'complete summary' mode.
Click Here for an EXE version of Snoop Dogg : Banging Them All in 4:20 Days.
Click Here for the new YouTube page

3 / 9 / 08 -

Due to circumstances regarding my website hosting, the website was temporarily offline. At the moment, I am bringing the website up to date while I try to get a better website host. I've added a few goodies while doing this. I uploaded what may be the last spamdomain.reg for a very long time. My e-mail addresses associated with the spam have been deleted and it isn't really a problem for me ATM. It has 1275 blocked domains total. Also regarding this, I have a new e-mail address. I also added links to my Facebook and Newgrounds pages. I am close to finishing my second flash for Newgrounds. I think it is going to be a good one. Make sure to check out Scorpion vs. Michael as well. I deleted my YouTube channel for a moment. I want to start over with that thing and maybe upload some movies of me playing Quake online. I am also going to be running my Quake 4 server for a little while. Note that you must already have Q4MAX 0.81 installed to play on the server because there are only downloads for maps

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